5 Tips To Protect Your Neck From Severe Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced sleeping peacefully but waking up with sudden neck pain? Most people experience this issue for various reasons. Without knowing it, you perform everyday activities that may result in severe neck pain. According to the experts, it rarely starts overnight. It usually evolves with time. 

Various causes of neck pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Declined muscle strength

If you are eager to know how to protect your neck from such a condition, keep reading this post. We have listed beneficial tips that can help prevent severe neck pain.

  • Change your pillow.

You can only get a good sleep at night when you have a comfortable mattress and a pillow. Keep trying different types of pillows that provide comfort and support for your neck. According to the experts, one must choose a pillow that keeps their cervical spine in neutral alignment. It will maintain and support the natural curve of your neck. 

  • Try sleeping on your back if possible. 

To give rest to your spine, sleep on your back. You can also try sleeping on your back while keeping a pillow under each arm. It supports the arm and takes away the neck strain. People with spinal arthritis or stenosis find it comfortable to sleep in a slightly inclined position on their bed. To do this, they add foam or a pillow below their bed. If you also find this position comfortable, make sure your pillow is not too high or thick. The bottom line is to find the best sleeping position that keeps you comfortable to avoid neck pain in the morning. 

  • Keep the computer monitor at eye level. 

If you are a frequent computer user, find a comfortable sitting position where your screen should be at your eye level. Sit in front of your computer, close your eyes, and when you open them, you must find the gaze in the top-third of the screen. In case you have to look down, raise your monitor to a comfortable position. You cannot do the same with laptops. But you can attach them to another screen to maintain eye level. 

  • Avoid straining the neck while texting.

It is a common practice nowadays that people keep texting using their cell phones. They look down on text messages that cause excessive strain on the neck, resulting in severe neck pain. Over time, this issue is increasing day by day. To avoid this, keep your mobile at eye level, minimize texting time, and take frequent breaks to give rest to your hands and neck. 

  • Try stretching exercises for the neck

With the help of practicing short stretching exercises daily, you can strengthen your neck muscles. Try the chin tuck exercise, one of the easiest ways to keep your neck muscles strong. 


In conclusion, neck pain is a widespread problem that practically everyone has these days. If it gets severe with time, get help from renowned wellness centers like ANSSI Wellness, which will help you overcome this issue using 100% non-surgical treatments.