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6 Tips to Help With Your Baby’s Teething Discomfort

Your infant is born with twenty teeth underneath the gingival line. Before you realise it, your previously contented infant becomes restless and consistently drools. Typically, the first tooth appears between six months and one year of age.

When your baby begins teething, it can be a difficult period. However, there are several teething strategies that can help your infant feel better!

1. Gently Rub the Gums

Applying pressure to your infant’s gums may provide pain relief. After washing your hands thoroughly, place your infant on the bed and massage their gums with your finger. This may assist your child to relax and fall slumber. If your infant awakens during the night, you can try massaging his gums again.

2. Acquire a Cool Washcloth

Locating a clean washcloth and immersing it in water would be wise. You should squeeze the water until the material is moist. Then, chill the washcloth by placing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

After the washcloth has cooled, fold it and give it to your infant to gnaw on. Never leave your infant unattended if they are gnawing on something, even a washcloth, as this poses a suffocation risk.

3. Refrigerate Teething Rings or Pacifiers

If your infant uses a dummy, you can also use it to chill and soothe their gums. You must ensure the dummy is spotless and store it in the refrigerator. It may help dull the gums and alleviate some discomfort.

The same procedures apply to baby teethers. You may store substantial teething devices in the refrigerator. It is prudent to avoid liquid- or gel-filled devices that could potentially spill.

4. Freeze Milk into Popsicles

Some infants refuse to consume while teething. This is likely a result of the distress.

If feasible, you should locate popsicle moulds that do not contain BPA and fill them with colostrum or formula. When these popsicles dissolve, they can become very dirty, so be sure to put a bib on your infant. You may find it best to have your baby consume these while seated in a highchair.

5. Remove Excess Drool

Having your infant wear a diaper while they are teething is beneficial. Babies typically slobber and saturate their garments with saliva.

Prioritise wiping away saliva from your infant’s face in order to prevent further irritation. To prevent a rash, your child’s face should ideally remain dry.

6. Freeze Some Fruit

If you have introduced solid foods to your infant, you can try freezing certain foods to relieve irritated gums. Bananas that have been pureed and refrigerated are an excellent start! You may experiment with other fruits in a mesh feeder for your infant. The mesh feeder will prevent suffocation. Apples, pears, and strawberries are examples of diverse fruits that you could attempt. It is prudent to constantly monitor your infant and ensure that they are mature enough to attempt these treats.