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5 Treating Vitiligo


With increasingly more more patients with vitiligo, vitiligo treatments can also increase. However, due to volume of pathogenesis of vitiligo are usually, you patients for time must choose the appropriate therapy for own situation.




First, china medicine dental therapy:


While using dialectical control of the key factor, to Shugan Bushen, qi Jieyu, Huayu Tongluo, controlling bloodstream stream, restore bloodstream stream circulation, restore bloodstream stream circulation, restore qi and bloodstream stream circulation. Organs, and may rapidly penetrate the cell wall membrane, activation of pigment cells , pigment cells to recover the traditional physiological reason behind metabolism, the steady realization within the normal progression of pigment cells, to possess Tongzhi specimen, the aim of recurrence.


Second, exterior usage of drug therapy:


Based on areas of a person’s disease, vitiligo size and time period of history to own appropriate topical drug smear.

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Third, chinese medicine bath Kaoru therapy:


Chinese herbal bath fumigation treatments are the decoction of Chinese herbal medicine steam fumigation in the body to handle an exterior treatment, also known as “skin administration.” Chinese medicine bath treatment solutions are while using the skin’s physiological characteristics, the drug absorption with the top of the skin, the stratum corneum transmission and dermal transport towards the bloodstream stream circulation and play a medicinal effect. Using the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation, based on different illnesses, add different drugs, for treatment. Due to drugs without gastrointestinal damage, an immediate role within the skin, while using heat, the most used role of drugs to boost the effectiveness of local effective drug lesions in the reason, disease place to experience a therapeutic effect. Concurrently can enhance the skin temperature, telangiectasia, promote bloodstream stream circulation, increase local bloodstream stream oxygen supply, improve microcirculation, maintain normal skin metabolism, to achieve the objective of curing vitiligo. While using the role of rapid, with no undesirable effects, etc., so this kind of profession as “eco-friendly therapy. ”


4th, the German narrow spectrum uvb lamp therapy:


Germany 311 narrow spectrum uvb treatment instrument could be a specific wave duration of ultraviolet light utilizing a physical, photochemical therapy, mainly within the treating of vitiligo, 311nmUVB could be a new treatment, more efficient than traditional phototherapy, more effective, Can establish faster pigment regeneration. Patients with lesions on the skin after lamp therapy can enhance the tyrosinase activity within the skin, promote melanocyte synthesis elevated, to achieve the objective of curing vitiligo. Treating the benefits proven in: (1) affordable, short treatment time, while using the rule while using the go (2) before treatment if you don’t take photosensitive drugs, remaining by using photosensitive drugs undesirable effects. (3) advanced technology, light output intensity, no light undesirable effects, good safety and tolerance,