Soft Rebonding vs. C Curl: Which Is Best for Your Hair in Singapore?

Hair rebonding has become a popular choice for many individuals in Singapore, offering the opportunity to transform the texture and style of their hair. Two prominent options within the realm of hair rebonding are soft rebonding and C curl rebonding. Each of these treatments is designed to meet specific needs and preferences, highlighting the importance of comprehending their differences and selecting the one that aligns with your unique requirements.

Understanding Soft Rebonding

The Process of Soft Rebonding

Soft rebonding in Singapore is a hair treatment that involves chemically relaxing and straightening the hair. The process typically starts with the application of a straightening solution, followed by flat ironing to create a smooth and straight appearance. This treatment has gained immense popularity in Singapore, particularly among those who seek a manageable and polished look.

Benefits of Soft Rebonding

One of the key advantages of Soft Rebonding is its effectiveness in controlling frizz, making it an ideal choice for individuals dealing with Singapore’s humid climate. Soft Rebonded hair is renowned for its minimal upkeep, diminishing the time and effort needed for everyday styling. Furthermore, it exhibits versatility and is compatible with a broad spectrum of hair types, ensuring accessibility for numerous individuals.

Considerations for Hair Types Suitable for Soft Rebonding

While Soft Rebonding is suitable for many hair types, it is particularly effective for individuals with moderately curly or wavy hair. Those with extremely curly hair may find that additional styling is necessary to achieve their desired look.

Understanding C Curl Rebonding

The Process of C Curl Rebonding

C Curl Rebonding is a hair treatment designed to introduce well-defined curls into the hair. The process involves the application of specific solutions and the use of curling rods or rollers to create a curly pattern. It is a favourite choice among those in Singapore who desire a dramatic and trendy look.

Benefits of C Curl Rebonding

C Curl Rebonding offers several appealing benefits. It adds voluminous and lively curls to the hair, providing an immediate style transformation. Moreover, individuals can easily switch between curly and straight styles, offering flexibility in their everyday appearance. This treatment is an excellent choice for those who love experimenting with different styles.

Considerations for Hair Types Suitable for C Curl Rebonding

C Curl Rebonding is most suitable for individuals with straight or mildly wavy hair who want to add curls to their hair. However, individuals with naturally curly hair may not achieve the desired results with this treatment.

Key Differences Between Soft Rebonding and C Curl Rebonding

Texture and Finish

One of the primary distinctions between the two treatments lies in the texture and finish they offer. Soft Rebonding results in a smooth and sleek finish, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a polished and refined look. In contrast, C Curl Rebonding creates lively and well-defined curls, perfect for individuals desiring a bold and vibrant appearance.

Maintenance and Aftercare

The maintenance and aftercare of the two treatments also differ. Soft Rebonding requires minimal daily maintenance, making it a convenient choice for individuals with busy schedules. On the other hand, C Curl Rebonding, with its curls, may require more attention and the use of specific styling products to maintain the desired shape.

Versatility in Styling

Another significant difference is the versatility in styling. Soft Rebonding offers limited styling options, primarily maintaining a straight appearance. In contrast, C Curl Rebonding allows individuals to switch between curly and straight styles, providing more flexibility in their daily look.

Duration of the Treatment

The time required to complete the two treatments varies. Soft Rebonding typically takes less time, making it a suitable choice for individuals looking for a quicker transformation. In contrast, C Curl Rebonding may take longer due to the additional steps involved in creating and setting curls.


There is no absolute right or wrong choice between Soft Rebonding and C Curl Rebonding. The decision should be based on your hair type, style preferences, and lifestyle. Singapore offers a variety of options to cater to individual needs and desires.  Contact Picasso Hair Studio today to learn more.