Why is it important to have good sexual health?

The importance of having good sexual health is crucial. People with mediocre sexual health suffer from both physical and mental health problems. Having a healthy sex life with your partner is important and beneficial in the long run. Many scientists believe that a healthy sex life will make other aspects of your life easier and happier. Let’s discuss why it is important to have good upper east side sexual health

  • Better Relationships: Oxytocin, also known as the bonding hormone, increases during breastfeeding. Oxytocin is said to enhance the bond between the mother and their children. However, this hormone level cannot increase within the body on its own. Researchers stated that intimacy between two adults is the primary contributor to the growth of the oxytocin hormone. Whether you hug your close one or have sex with them, it would apparently boost oxytocin. From friends to family members, oxytocin will boost bonding, whether in a homosexual or a heterosexual relationship. 
  • Lower Blood Pressure: We mentioned earlier that good sexual health contributes to better physical health. Sexual activities will increase oxytocin in both the male and female body, which would lessen the reaction of the body to stress. Oxytocin will narrow the blood vessels during stressful situations, ultimately lowering the overall blood pressure. As a result, you will also become less vulnerable to experiencing a stroke due to the lessened blood pressure in your body. Furthermore, a lower reaction to strokes will also lower your risk of heart attacks, helping you live your life without worries. 
  • Improved Immunity System: The more stressful situation you face in your life, the more you will weaken your body’s immunity system. Viruses will be able to attack your body and spread easily, as your immunity system won’t be able to prevent them. Having sex with your partner and maintaining a robust sexual life will decrease stress and help the immune system become stronger. Your body can fight diseases more effectively. In addition to this, reports also proved that people who are more sexually active are less prone to developing cognitive diseases with age. This is because a healthy sex life will prevent any age-related diseases from taking place.

Sex is an important factor in human life, often managing stressful symptoms. While having sex is great, make sure you also focus on safety. Be cautious about sexually transmitted diseases so that you can maintain a healthy life.