8 Things To Expect After Your Radiation Therapy In Singapore

If you have been prescribed radiation therapy in Singapore, this article is here to provide some comfort at what may be an uncertain, albeit hopeful time in your life. With any cancer treatment, it’s essential to come prepared and understand what to expect from radiation therapy. 

Here are eight key things to expect after your radiation therapy sessions.

1. Professional Care Provided By A Radiation Oncologist

After the first step of visiting an oncology doctor, the next stage of your radiation therapy will include visits to a radiation oncologist. After being examined and observed for some time by the specialist, you will discuss the details of your treatment. During this appointment, you can ask any questions and get some advice from the doctor and learn more about the radiation therapy process.

2. A Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Based on the diagnosis of your radiation oncologist in Singapore, a detailed treatment plan will be designed that is tailored to your needs. It will include the number of sessions of radiation therapy, the duration of each session, the dosage of radiation to be administered during each session, and the angle of radiation beams aimed at the cancer cells. The treatment plan may also include other therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted drug therapy.

3. Dedicated Radiation Machines

Radiation is targeted towards the cancer cells using a series of machines specifically designed for the purpose. These apparatuses may be linear accelerators, radio diodes, or Gamma Knife machines that an oncology doctor can use to precisely direct beams of radiation that are accurately calibrated to target the cancer cells and efficiently eliminate them.

4. Radiotherapy Cost

The radiotherapy cost in Singapore is expensive, but government subsidies are available for those who are eligible. Furthermore, some organisations provide financial aid to cancer patients to cover a portion of their expenses. Your radiation oncologist will assist you with this process.

5. Radiation Therapy To Take Some Time

Radiation therapy is typically a lengthy process, and depending on your treatment, the number of sessions can range from five to thirty-five, taking place over one to eight weeks. After your course of radiation therapy, it is advised that you wait for at least two weeks before returning to work or school.

6. Fatigue During And After Treatment

Radiation therapy is known to cause fatigue during and after treatment, so it is wise to find ways to properly rest and manage tiredness. Make sure to create a plan to stay active and incorporate exercises that are appropriate for your stage. This would include activities such as walking, swimming, or yoga.

7. Side Effects

Almost every radiation oncologist in Singapore receives reports of mild to moderate side effects during radiation therapy, ranging from tiredness, skin reactions, and possible sensitivity to unusual smells or tastes. However, these symptoms typically subside after the treatment is completed. In some cases, long-term side effects may occur, so talk to your doctor to get more information about post-radiation therapy.

8. The Value Of Support

Last but not least, keep in mind that you are never alone in your journey. Your family, friends, and other supportive individuals are always available to lend a helping hand during troubled times, which is why it is essential to seek out and build a strong support system when undergoing radiation therapy.

If you are considering radiation therapy, it’s vital to be informed about the process and garner a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. Remember that you can always seek help from a qualified radiation oncologist if you have any questions related to the procedure. Now that you are aware of the key points related to radiation therapy, you are well on your way to seeking the professional care you need. Good luck!

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