Exploring Facet Joint Treatments for Spinal Pain

Facet Joint Treatments

Facets are the joints present on your spine. If there is a tear in these joints, you can have Facet Joint Syndrome. It could be in your back or your neck. You may feel more facet pain during the mornings or when you sit in one place for a long time. It could be while driving or just sitting for hours in your office chair. 

If there is excess movement of your spine or if you tend to bend it in the backward direction, you can increase Facet pain. Injuries can also result in Facet joint pain. You are likely to experience a dull ache in the beginning, which gets worse over time. 

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What are the symptoms of facet joint syndrome?

The symptoms can vary depending on the number of facets involved. Some of the symptoms are listed below:

  • Localized pain: 

It is usually found in the lower back of the person and is a dull ache in the beginning.

  • Radiating pain:

When you experience a sharp pain in your hip region, thigh, or foot, you might be having radiating pain. You may feel fatigued in the affected leg. 

  • Referred pain:

You will experience pain in a part of the body which is not the actual source of pain. Apart from buttocks, legs, and thighs, you can also feel pain in your pelvis or abdominal region. 

The pain can escalate if even light pressure is applied to the skin right above the affected facet.  

What can cause Facet Joint Syndrome?

  • Excess body weight or if the person is obese.
  • Getting a fracture in the spine. 
  • Having improper posture. 
  • Bending your spine backward a lot.
  • Getting an injury from a sport.
  • Getting trauma from an accident.

What are the different treatment options?

  • Injecting a corticosteroid into the facet

Different injections can be used to treat the syndrome. A corticosteroid is one such injection that needs to be directly put into the affected facet. What it does is it gives quick relief from pain, and inflammation is also reduced to a great extent. 

A highly skilled professional does it under fluoroscopic guidance. It is done in order to ensure that the needle is rightly paced and no mistake is made. The patients do not have to experience pain for a long time.

  • Radiofrequency Ablation

In this procedure, a needle is placed beside the affected area, and electrical signals heat the area. What it does is it breaks the pain signals, and it does not get to reach the brain. It is a minimally invasive procedure. The patient gets relief from pain for months and years. It is generally used for patients who have been experiencing chronic facet pain. 

  • Chiropractic treatments

In this treatment, the spinal cord is manipulated, which helps to align the spine. Inflammation and pain are also significantly reduced. If we combine chiropractic treatment with other treatments, it can be highly effective. 

A person must not put on extra weight. Certain modifications need to be made to avoid getting the syndrome in the first place. Furthermore, a person needs to make sure that he maintains a good posture and does not sit in one place for too long.

Different ergonomics strategies can be incorporated into a person’s life to improve overall functioning. The specialists in Colonia can provide advice on how to improve your lifestyle. 

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Many specialists in Colonia can help you if you are experiencing facet joint pain. They can administer different therapies, use nerve block treatment, and other treatments to alleviate extreme pain.